Tuesday, May 26, 2009


yesssssssssss, i passed the six grade and goin to the sevsenth and its summer! guess what i get to go to flordia and disney world!!!! im so excited and i really want to go to my papas too though

Sunday, May 3, 2009



ok last time i was on i told how i was at my papas house and that i felt like jello. well, today me and jordan had to clean the other chicken house and i was attacked by ants and it hurt and i told jordan to help but she was to busy laghing! i kicked my shoes and i ran through the grass as fast as i could! now i have red bumps on my feet but its all good cuz my papa and my granny ordered pizza for lunch so im just waiting....... any ways remember family, to call my mom and i will be over to clean and earn money


Saturday, May 2, 2009

alot of people are asking why i need money. well only 2 but anyways i want to buy my mom and dad something and i want shoes and to get my toes done! so please let me come over and earn money but only on weekends!



im at my papas house and its really fun and i had to get the eggs out of the chickens houses, and then i had to sweep the floor and mop it, then i cleaned the doors and windows and a lot more like how me and jordan cleaned the garadge! now my back hurts and my feet. i feel like jello!!! HELP!!!!! just kidding well about a week ago my sister kayla came down here and got about 10 energy drinks and about 5 down here so today me and jordan had our first amp ( type of energy drink) it was really good!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS NEXT PART IS FOR ANY GRANDPARENTS OR FAMILY MEMBERS...... i need money so if you have any work around the house, just call my mom and ill be right over and i will be there as soon as possible